Undiscovered land of Clinical Trials – Poland as a growing market for Medical Devices

Can You imagine a place, where clinical trials can be conducted in many well-equipped sites, with cooperation of highly educated Investigators, true subject-matter Experts, ensuring reasonable costs and very good quality at the same time? Seems like a wonderland? Actually this is one of the fastest growing European Union’s clinical trial market – Poland.
Through past several years Polish sites and Investigators proved their competence in conducting medical products clinical trials and over the last few years Poland has also developed efficiently operating medical devices market.

Although being a very young one, it is very dynamic and prospective. It attracts with a population of  almost 40 million inhabitants, professionally equipped sites and broadly  educated Investigators. Local government pays a lot of attention to keep Polish law of clinical trials in compliance with European regulations and to guarantee attractiveness for international pharmaceutical , biotech and medical devices companies. The government is supported by local CROs, which fulfill the growing demands of  medical devices companies by helping them to go through local requirements and offering bespoke services.

Each year the market of clinical trials for medical devices grows by 8-10 % in Poland. However, for many, even those global medical devices companies, it still remains undiscovered land.

Presented by: Izabela Kozdras, Ph.D. (Brillance CRO)