Improving participants experience for improved compliance in clinical trials, while complying with new regulations on data privacy

The healthcare industry is yet to utilize the full potential of modern tech-design. In a conservative industry, evolution is often dismissed for governing standards, and the pros and cons of emerging technology is often improperly evaluated.
High compliance in clinical trials is one of the keys for improved quality and prominent success of medical devices. This not only requires well-structured trials, but safe and appealing engagement for subjects and participants as well.
In clinical trials much focus is placed into planning, financing, and clinical endpoints, while trial engagement design and choice of technology is of least concern.

With new regulations on clinical trials and data privacy in place, governmental bodies have set a new standard for the industry. This will affect how clinical trials are conducted, and force manufacturers to re-think their choice of technology and methods.

  • Are manufacturers utilizing methods to improve both quality and compliance in clinical trials?
  • Can trial compliance and data quality be improved by utilizing successful methods and technology from other industries?
  • Can new regulations on clinical trials and data privacy affect the choice of methods and technology?
Presented by: Jón Ingi BergsteinssonCTO and Co-Founder, MEDEI ApS