Clinical Development of Medical Devices in Turkey: Regulations and Current Status

  • Starting with the R&D Law that came into effect in 2008 governmental support on research & development is constantly increasing in Turkey.  A major development was the release of 10th Development Plan of Turkey (2014-2018) with an emphasis to increase the share of Turkey in clinical trials by 25% and realization of the infrastructural reform program. 
  • This plan was rapidly followed by the release of  Regulation of Clinical Research in Medical Devices Turkey in 2014. 
  • The clinical research environment is regulated since 1993 and has a profound basis with legislations harmonized with EU regulations in Turkey. 
  • Turkey with its naïve patient population and high number of GCP trained investigators has a huge potential in clinical trials both in pharmaceuticals and medical devices and also cosmetic products. 
Presented by: Nursah CetinkayaBoard Member, Clinical Research Association of Turkey